Miss Germany 2021/2022 🇬🇧

The original article can be found here: https://missgermany.de/teilnehmerin/anni_violinist/

Hi, I’m Annika and I’m here because we need more visibility for women in tech and more women in leadership positions!

Why? Well, keep on reading!

My mission started a few years back when I had a meeting with my director to discuss an overdue salary increase (after several “dry” promotions had taken place). When I asked for the appropriate compensation for the job I was doing, my director said that I shouldn’t complain about the money I was making since “at least you (I) don’t have to go to a food bank.” He continued by making sexist comments and unfair comparisons to more senior male colleagues to justify the lack of salary increase.

But guess what? I am so grateful that this happened because it was really what started my journey!

It taught me how important it is to stand up for yourself, to know your own worth and to defend it with confidence. Once I realised this, there was no stopping me anymore!

2 years later I can proudly say that I….

… won a tech product pitch in Washington, D.C.

… was nominated as a “Future Star in Tech”.

… became a teacher in digital marketing.

… will be a guest lecturer for a master’s course, starting next year.

… found the best mentor.

… have become a mentor myself.

… have accepted an account director position.

… am one of the finalists for Miss Germany 2021/2022 (Ahhhhh!)

I want to show what’s possible when you believe in yourself, leave your self-doubts behind and just do it! And that’s exactly what I want to pass on to other women! Especially in tech and business settings where we haven’t yet reached gender equality.

Too many women do not live up to their true potential because they don’t dare to dream big and go after their goals.

We only live once, so why don’t we just go after all those things we have labelled as “crazy” or “unattainable” dreams in our heads? By the way, this “unattainable dream” has always been a participation at Miss Germany for me, and look where we are now!

We ladies have to stick together, support each other and celebrate our big and small wins!

Then, I am hopeful that the baseline is set to achieve more gender equality in tech and big businesses and see even more women in leadership positions in the future!

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