Miss Germany Blog Article

September 2022

“Let’s stop attributing genders to certain professions” is the title of the blog article I wrote for Miss Germany Corporation and which was published across their LinkedIn page and website. I spoke about what’s stopping women from breaking into male dominated fields and what we can do to lower barriers of entry.

The english translation of the article will be available in the “blog” section soon.

Miss Germany Online Publication

September 2022

In this interview I spoke to Miss Germany more specifically about what we have to do as a society to break through patriarchal structure that prevent women to break the glass ceiling.

The english translation of the interview will be available in the “blog” section soon.

Business Today Magazine

December 2021

I spoke to Business Today about my career path from growing up on the german countryside, to studying in the Netherlands, Hungary, Australia and working in the UK, Thailand, and Indonesia. We further spoke about my Miss Germany mission to get more women in tech and leadership positions and what I’m currently doing to put my mission into action.

Südfinder Newspaper Article

November 2021

I spoke to Südfinder about my Miss Germany mission to increase the representation of women in tech and leadership positions, as well as my work as account director in London, online course teacher, mentor and marketing expert speaker.

Südkurier Newspaper Cover Story

November 2021

I’m honoured to have been featured on Südkurier’s cover story sharing my career path and experience working for a global tech company. We spoke about the underrepresentation of women in the tech sector and leadership positions and how I’m raising more visibility for this topic with my Miss Germany candidature.

Miss Germany 2021/2022 Finalist

August 2021

I’m beyond excited to be selected as one of the finalists for Miss Germany 2021/2022.

Miss Germany is not a beauty pageant anymore, but a platform for young women with a mission! My mission is to get more (visibility for) women in tech and leadership positions!

Read more about my mission in the “Features and Blog” section or on the Miss Germany website.

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