TV Interview with ntv

17 October 2021, 10:30am (CET)

As part of ntv’s economic report on digital fitness trends, I spoke about my experience with FitTech, especially the Peloton Bike+ and its community aspect. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the Fitness industry, causing a considerable shift towards in-home digitally connected equipment and I’m honoured to share my opinion on this development.

Panel on Gender Equality & Female Empowerment

October 2021

I was invited by the Miss Germany Corporation to speak about gender equality in the tech sector and what female empowerment looks like in the workplace.

2nd Runner Up Miss Germany 2022

February 2022

It’s official! I’m the 2nd Runner Up Miss Germany 2022 with my mission to get more women in tech and leadership positions, and more generally to create a more female economy and business world.

SANTE Natural Cosmetics TV Spot

August 2022

Natural and sustainable cosmetics & skin care is very important to me, which is why it was an honour to work with L’Oreal Germany | Sante and be part of this linear TV ad, which reached over 3M viewers.

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